Into The Bunker: As Questions About Criminal Corruption & Lying to Congress Mount, Scott Walker Seeks Cover

With new polls showing dead heat, Walker’s campaign is hiding him from media—including lying to POLITICO reporter about public events

MADISON – You know the old adage about the prevent defense…

With a series of new polls showing a dead heat going into the final week of the Wisconsin recall (LINK, LINK, LINK), Scott Walker has intensified the bunker strategy he’s employed in the final three weeks of the campaign, making limited public appearances with no advance notice and even lying to reporters about the existence of public events. Walker and his backers have run a campaign – based on flawed public polling – that’s literally just an “it’s over” meme for the entire general election.

Scott Walker’s bunker strategy has gotten so extreme that they’re now excluding even friendly conservative members of the media such as John McCormack and Stephen Hayes from their distribution lists.

After failing to answer direct questions about the John Doe criminal corruption probe of his office, Scott Walker immediately fled Friday night’s debate scene, offering up a spokeswoman who stonewalled the assembled media. This as a bombshell column from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice explains the stakes behind a series of emails Walker refuses to disclose before the recall election. Walker also refuses to say whether he’ll answer a new inquiry for clarification of his April Congressional testimony in light of video showing he almost certainly lied to Congress—another felony.

“Facing mounting pressure over his role in a vast criminal conspiracy that transpired just feet from his desk and new ‘smoking gun’ evidence he lied to Congress, Scott Walker now seeks to run out the clock by holing up in a bunker and letting his handlers stonewall the media on questions he’s perfectly free to answer,” said We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele. “Winning campaigns do not hole up in a bunker for the final three weeks, lie to reporters regarding their candidate’s whereabouts, or refuse to answer even basic ‘yes or no’ questions—all proving that Scott Walker knows this race is a dead heat sprint to the finish and his only chance rests on continued dishonesty and pure stonewalling until the polls close next week.”

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