Waukesha Stonewall: Officials Refuse to Say Who’s In Charge of Monitoring Elections, Counting Results

County Executive Vrakas said Kathy Nickolaus had been removed from her duties, but evidence suggests she’s still in charge—and no one will comment or clarify

WAUKESHA – After a series of high-profile incidents that earned embattled Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus a reputation as most incompetent clerk in the nation, multiple calls for her removal were made by elected officials and even the rabidly pro-Walker Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board, who stated:

“This gubernatorial Recall is too important to leave in the hands of Kathy Nickolaus… How can the citizens of Waukesha have any confidence that something else won’t go wrong in the next election; something that will call into question the results? They can’t as long as Nickolaus remains in office.”

County Executive Dan Vrakas also called for the removal of Nickolaus from future election oversight, and praised her decision to comply with his request, saying: “When given the choice to step down or step aside, she made the right decision.” Yet multiple reports from last month’s primary election, including one in which Vrakas himself expressed extreme disappointment with her role in the process, suggest Nickolaus is still very much in charge of oversight, tabulation and reporting of election results in Waukesha County.

Now Waukesha County officials are stonewalling – refusing to clarify who’s in charge of overseeing and counting the votes in today’s recall election

According to a report on last night’s Fox News 6, a bipartisan group of concerned citizens requested Vrakas get a restraining order against Nickolaus to prevent her involvement in oversight of – and maintain confidence in – such high-stakes results in such an important area at the heart of Scott Walker’s base. Vrakas said he was “unavailable” for comment, and Nickolaus refused repeated request to clarify her role. This is the second recent report in which Vrakas, Nickolaus and GOP officials all repeatedly refused to clarify who’s actually in charge in Waukesha County.

“Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas promised the voters of Wisconsin he’d taken care of his ‘Kathy Nickolaus problem’ so that the stench of incompetence and possible corruption emanating from Waukesha County was a thing of the past,” said We Are Wisconsin spokesman Kelly Steele. “Alarmingly, as we tabulate the most important election in Wisconsin history, Kathy Nickolaus remains firmly planted in the heart of Scott Walker’s base and Dan Vrakas has not only failed to keep his word, he’s now stonewalling questions about who’s actually running the election in Waukesha County.”