We Carry On

Dear We Are Wisconsin Supporters,

After reflecting on what has happened on Tuesday, I am even more committed to carrying on the fight.  What we have accomplished together is nothing short of inspirational and today I stand firm, We Are Wisconsin will not back down from the fight ahead.

What we did together matters. You took a stand for Wisconsin’s working families and you changed the course of history. And because of your hard work we now have a Senate Majority that will prevent further disastrous policies. We now have a foundation on which to continue electing pro-working family candidates as soon as this fall.

When Governor Scott Walker attacked workers’ rights, you fought back. With your help, we knocked on nearly two million doors during the course of this campaign. We made more than one million phone calls. We texted. We tweeted. We handed out leaflets. We built new relationships in our communities, relationships that will last for the long term.

Our Get-Out-The-Vote effort was the largest in Wisconsin’s history. Because of you, we increased voter participation in impressive ways. We increased the number of voters from 2010 by 158,482 and registered thousands of new voters across the state.

Despite being outspent at every turn by Walker and his billionaire pals, we had 36,000 We Are Wisconsin volunteers, along with the more than one million citizens who signed recall petitions. Our ranks swelled with public union members, private sector workers, students, retirees, Democrats and Republicans alike, united in the belief that the right to collective bargaining is a fundamental American right—and that the fight for Wisconsin’s working families is a fight worth winning.

What happened in Wisconsin during the past 16 months is about more than one politician and one state. It is about what kind of nation we believe the United States of America needs to be—it is about what kind of nation we create for our grandchildren. It is about every single state where we are the last line of defense for the American worker and the American Dream.

As we demonstrated in Wisconsin, we will defend that dream against the Scott Walkers of this country. We will educate and engage. We will be bigger and bolder and stronger than ever. We will do that with your help.

Know that We Are Wisconsin isn’t backing down from the struggles that will continue to face our state. But also know that in the face of massive obstacles, you’ve shown the nation how to meet these challenges, to pull together and hold the opponents of America’s working families accountable. You’ve shown the nation that this, truly, is what democracy looks like. 

I continue to be inspired by what we’ve done together, and I am more resolved than ever that we will continue to fight back for as long as it takes.

One day longer, one day stronger, we won’t back down.


Kristen Crowell

Executive Director