What Paul Ryan Didn't Talk About Last Night

Ryan’s speech misses the key highlights

MADISON – During Ryan’s speech last night and his debut on the national scene, while pledging “responsibility”, the GOP Vice Presidential nominee seemingly forgot his radical proposed budget that included tax giveaways exceeding those put in place by the Bush Administration.

“Ryan’s claims of ‘responsibility’ need only to be countered with his staunch support of tax giveaways for people earning over $1 million per year while slashing trillions from programs aimed at poor Americans” said We Are Wisconsin Executive Director Kristen Crowell.

“‘Responsibility’ might sound nice on a multi-million dollar TV production, but while millions of working Americans are struggling, Paul Ryan seems to have forgotten his radical budget that would have not only ended Medicare as we know it, but paid for these massive tax giveaways for the mega rich on the backs of our most vulnerable neighbors.”