Wisconsin Stands With Chicago Teachers

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Teachers’ interests are student interests

MADISON – As thousands of teachers march in the streets of Chicago in support of fair wages and the resources they need in the classroom to give their students the instruction they deserve, We Are Wisconsin Executive Director Kristen Crowell released the following statement.

“We Are Wisconsin is proud to stand in solidarity with the nearly 30,000 hard working men and women of the Chicago Teachers Union. As teachers from Chicago stood in solidarity with Wisconsin workers, We Are Wisconsin today stands with you.

As I dropped my children off this morning at their public schools, I thought about the Chicago teachers preparing to walk the picket line. I know that the decision to strike was not made lightly. Rather, this is a difficult decision to help force negotiations to keep Chicago schools strong and provide a quality education and learning environment for all students. I walked in the snow and the sun over the past two years to support Wisconsin teachers, and today I stand in solidarity with teachers in Chicago.

We owe our children more than social workers with nearly 1,000 cases each. More than over-crowded classrooms without air conditioning that reach 98 degrees, or a six-week waiting period to receive something as basic as their textbooks.

This is a fight for our children and the people we entrust to prepare them to go to college and enter the workforce. Teachers’ interests are student interests and Wisconsin is proud to stand with so many dedicated teachers and educational professionals who are committed to enriching the lives of future generations.”