Mitt Romney Says Half of Americans Are Freeloading Victims

Implies Social Security and Medicare Recipients Are On The Dole 

MADISON – Mitt Romney’s latest admission that he doesn’t care about 47% of Americans at a $50,000 a plate fundraiser continues to show a Romney presidency would only benefit his wealthy donors. Community members have had enough, and are coming together outside an Ann Romney event in Milwaukee to let her know how they feel about her husband’s policies.

“In Mitt Romney’s world if Social Security is your only form of income, or if you are a low income single parent, you are a helpless victim dependent on the government” said Kristen Crowell, Executive Director of We Are Wisconsin. “Romney’s campaign slogan apparently needs to be updated to ‘Believe in Half of America’.”

“From the start, the Romney/Ryan ticket has been focused exclusively on tax breaks for the mega-rich, paid for on the backs of working families across the nation and this latest profession only solidifies his allegiances.

By incorrectly claiming that ‘half of Americans don’t pay taxes’ and are freeloaders, Romney is not only out of touch with the struggles working families face in putting food on the dinner table and making sure their kids have warm clothes, but he is doing so while at the same time, refusing to disclose his own tax history to voters.”

Organized by a coalition of organizations from across Wisconsin, activists are set to meet tomorrow, Thursday September 20th at 8:30am outside the Old Gym on Marquette’s campus, located at 1530 West Clybourn Street in Milwaukee.