Vos Still Financially Supporting “Some Girls Rape Easy” Republican

Finance Co-Chair Made Maximum Contribution

MADISON – Nearly a year after a Wisconsin Representative made offensive and disgusting remarks regarding rape, Joint Finance Committee Co-Chairman, and head of the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee (RACC), Representative Robin Vos finally tried to distance himself from the Rice Lake Republican.  A week later however, and there is no evidence that Representative Vos has requested Rivard’s campaign to return any of the contributions that Vos made to Rivard, and the RACC website still lists Rivard and includes a link to donate to his campaign.

“Vos’ motives are as transparent as his cautious criticism of Rivard. By not asking for any of his $500 in total contributions be returned, Vos is condoning and tacitly endorsing Rivard’s disgusting remarks. Robin Vos should know better and should immediately demand that his contribution be returned or donated to a suitable organization” said Kristen Crowell, Executive Director for We Are Wisconsin.

Through his leadership role among Assembly Republicans Vos was surely aware of Rivard’s “some girls rape easy” remarks from the original Chetek article nearly a year ago, it wasn’t until the comments were covered by media in Vos’ district, and became a national news story that Vos tried to distance himself from Rivard.

“While Robin Vos makes public statements that he no longer stands by Representative Rivard, his actions continue to say otherwise.  While other Republicans are asking for their contributions be returned or donated to an appropriate charity, Robin Vos is obviously satisfied with a hastily written statement instead of any real action,” said Crowell.