Mary Czaja’s Solution for the Uninsured – Cut Back on “Fun Time”

Insurance Industry Insider Lobbies Against Expanding Coverage

MADISON – While State Assembly candidate Mary Czaja flaunts her experience working with some of the state’s largest health insurance companies, lobbying reports show the insurance industry insider’s true agenda.

According to state lobbying reports, the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin, an organization Czaja lobbied for and sits on the board of, fought to quell two bills that would have helped 191,000 uninsured farmers and individuals buy into the plan for state employees.

“Mary Czaja’s recent statements on WisconsinEye that the uninsured should lay off the ‘fun time’ to purchase private insurance, coupled with her past lobbying activities to keep affordable healthcare out of the hands of Wisconsinites paints a very different picture than the one Czaja is attempting to portray” said Kristen Crowell, We Are Wisconsin Executive Director.

Crowell continued, “Czaja’s statements and lobbying activities outline an end game that puts profits before the people of Wisconsin, benefiting off of the struggles many families across the State face in acquiring affordable health insurance.”