Americans for Prosperity’s 2012 Tactic: Gas for Votes

New allegations of election bribery against Virginia based organization

MADISON – New allegations of election bribery have surfaced against Virginia based organization, Americans for Prosperity after Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin announced an event at a Mobile gas station in Wausau wherein they claim they will cover the difference between gas prices when President Obama took office and today.

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin’s offer of gas for votes exceeds the $1 limit set in Wis. Stats. Section 12.11(1) covering election bribery.

Wis. Stats. Section 12.11(1)12.11  Election bribery.(1) In this section, “anything of value” includes any amount of money, or any object which has utility independent of any political message it contains and the value of which exceeds $1. The prohibitions of this section apply to the distribution of material printed at public expense and available for free distribution if such materials are accompanied by a political message.

Wis. Stats. Section 12.11(1) clearly prohibits the distribution of “anything of value” when accompanied by a political message which Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, a registered 501(c)4 organization, violates in their event promotion:

Because of the president’s failing economic and energy policies, we’ve seen gas prices go as high as $4 per gallon recently.”

Be one of the first 300 cars to show up, and AFP-WI will help remind you what it was like to fill up before President Obama took office, and to put grassroots pressure on the President to get serious about reducing energy prices.

“Americans for Prosperity’s latest scheme to ‘persuade’ voters that President Obama’s policies are failing clearly cross the threshold of legal electoral work in the State of Wisconsin especially when coupled with the nearly $5 million they’ve spent on broadcast television in Wisconsin since January 2012” said Kristen Crowell, We Are Wisconsin Executive Director.

“Wisconsin families are struggling and still facing the consequences of 8 years under Americans for Prosperity favorite George W. Bush. They need look no further than their checkbook to understand the impact a Romney presidency would have on their daily lives. Illegal election bribery aside, Americans for Prosperity consistently advocate for tax breaks for massive corporations and the ultra-rich paid for on the backs of working families, seniors and through enormous cuts to public education and proven healthcare programs that help hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites. Advocating going back to the failed policies of the Bush Administration proves how out of touch Americans for Prosperity and Mitt Romney really are. Their latest ruse isn’t just devious it’s against the law and goes to show that Americans for Prosperity aren’t above breaking clearly stated laws to achieve their end game” continued Crowell.

The Koch Brothers and their organization Americans for Prosperity are no strangers to controversy and questionable tactics and earlier this month were the subjects of questionable practices surrounding a mailing sent to 45,000 Georgia-Pacific employees encouraging them to support Mitt Romney.