We’re just finishing up some last minute cleanup and post-campaign volunteer appreciation in Oshkosh with the We Are Wisconsin staff but I wanted to write you and say thanks.

Thanks, because of you, we were able make headways in the Assembly, chipping away at the GOP’s majority with candidates that stood up for fairness and real Wisconsin values; despite the odds, fighting tooth and nail against corporate backed incumbents who consistently put profits before people.

Thanks, because of your hard work, Tammy Baldwin will be the first woman to represent Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate; a testament that Wisconsin can see through the fog of slander and distortions, and vote for the candidate who has always stood for working families and what’s right, a statement to my daughters and young women across Wisconsin that the glass ceiling is cracking.

Thanks, because after 11 election days in two years, volunteers like you, still flood our offices; coffee and donuts in hand, asking for another walk packet or call sheet, ready to hit the streets and talk to their neighbors about their vote plan.

Our fight together started almost two years ago and it’s far from over. In the coming weeks and months, I’m excited to continue working together to move back toward the Wisconsin values we hold dear.


Kristen Crowell