Say No to Vouchers, Wisconsin

If ever you wanted to act to save our public schools, now is the time! The Joint Finance committee is scheduled to meet Wednesday at 10am in Madison to vote to take money away from public schools and give it to private voucher schools in Wisconsin.

We need you to contact each and every member of the Joint Finance Committee (found here: and deliver loudly and clearly a very simple message:

-Revenue limits must be increased by at least $275 per student so that we can start filling the hole in resources created by cuts in the 2011-13 budget and begin reinvesting in our public school children.
-Take all items related to private school vouchers, for-profit charters, and the charter authorizing board out of the budget because they are policy items, have nothing to do with the state’s finances, and deserve separate and open debate.

Join us tomorrow in Madison at the Capitol at 10am. Please don’t forget to pass along this message and ask your friends, colleagues, neighbors to act now. Direct them to Say No To Vouchers to learn more.

Support our public schools, say no to Wisconsin school vouchers. At a time of tight resources, put our Wisconsin public schools first.

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